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Decent low mileage E39 540i Touring

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It's an SE but has the Sport seats in black. The steering wheel is the thinner 'Sport' one that's been retrimmed with the M Sport thumb grips and covered in perforated leather. The Dash top probably isn't worn, it's the glare of the sun when the photo was taken. The rear load cover looks quite decent actually, seen many more with evidence of more frays and marks on them. The pictures are relatively decent compared to many you see from car dealers on the usual sites, so perhaps worth a look in real life for anyone wanting an E39 540i Touring. 


Flying Banana - Plenty of used car dealers up and down the country are able to offer car finance. 


Cheers, Dennis!


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I think the type of finance you would get would be a personal loan rather than traditional HP.  Arnold Clark use those loans all the time.  Gets them around the finance company checking the book price of the car too - the money is loaned to you and isn't secured on the car.  Can be useful if you want to sell the car and buy another one privately later on.

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