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New Car Opinions

New Car Time?  

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  1. 1. I'm starting to look for a new car, I've been into BMW and looked but I'm am stuck so wanted people opinions. It'll be a daily drive with the E39 becoming the project/weekend car;

    • G30 540i xdrive (Head)
    • F10 M5 (Used & Approved but sub 5000 miles) (Heart)
    • F06 640i (probably end up with the 650i) (Wife)

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I think it's come time to start thinking about a new car. The E39 will become the weekend/project so won't be going anywhere.


I've been into BMW and had a good look around the 3 below but can't come to a final decision, just after people recommendations, thoughts and opinions. 


It'll be my car but needs to accommodate the wife a 2 small people.

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You jammy bas... that's an enviable list to choose from.


My head is with your head.  But its not a V8.

M5, common as muck, one outside every chip shop.:P

Your wife however is also to be admired, she has picked the one I would go for, purely cos you would get the V8! But it must be due for replacement soon?

Just remember, you need to live with your wife, a happy wife = happy life.  This is the one and only time I will say, listen to your wife!  She won't notice if you get the V8 over the inline 6


But @sharkfan does make a good point, owning an M5 is on everyones bucket list.  Requires deep pockets though and M stands for money.

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Get the M5. I've been driving mine for the last 3 1/2 years and still love it. I had a 640 for a week while my wife's car was being repaired and although a nice car it's not in the same league as the M5. I'm sure the G30 540 will be lovely but will probably be the same as the 640. 


Just be aware, fuel consumption in the M5 is about 17-18 mpg. Tyres last 15k miles or so and cost a grand. Brakes don't last that long either (30k miles) and cost around £2,500 for discs & pads. 

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