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My new 525TDS

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How do folks, I'm extremely new to all this BMW malarkey, but having been after a decent E39 for a while, I've had my TDS for a couple of weeks. Having come from running Czech Skodas, this machine is something of a revelation in lots of ways! I know it's possibly the least desirable E39, but I absolutely love it! Bought from one of my customers, a 2 owner car with great service history, and 106k miles.





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Hi Russ.  Must be an early one to be tds.  Looks in good fettle though.

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Haha! My mate still has a Skoda Estelle 120...... Very "agricultural" one could say in comparison to the E39 Tds! Had a Tds myself but in e34 guise, strong old lump that engine. Sold it at 267K on the clock, no rust and still going strong. Funnily enough it was my mate with the Skoda that said every time he saw and heard my in the Tds, he said to me it reminded him of a coach engine being put in a car!! Haha! Enjoy your ownership, I'm sure the Tds will serve you well! :) 

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