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Coolant leak advice please

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Hi all,


so I found that my water level had dipped a bit today, took the car on a 40 mile return journey, temp gauge as normal in the middle and greeted with this when I lifted the bonnet.


im going to remove the pipe on the left side of the road (non expansion) and check it for leaks etc, I also found coolant in the left side wheel arch and on the underside so I'm think rad is duff, anyone seen this before.


car is 2000 523i 84k miles, rad and gearbox cooler have never been changed as far as I can tell.


also recommend replacement parts as well, cheers guys...




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More than likely a hairline crack under that connection


Very common place for the rad to go (had it on a previous E38 728i and my previous 530i)!


Behr or Nissens rads via eBay are about as good as you'll get for c£100; may as well change both the top/bottom hoses, stat, water pump and belts whilst it's all out TBH


BMWMotormec or C3BMW resellers are excellent, as are 'mister auto and kmpartsonline etc...




All part numbers to be found here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/partgrp?id=DT62-EUR-04-2002-E39-BMW-530i


Type in BMW 'part number' into eBay search and that'll bring the parts up for you :) 

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