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Wheel Spacers

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Good afternoon all,


I'm currently restoring (not extensively), an E39 Sport. I really like the style 66 17" wheels fitted - staggered setup.


I'm going to fit new suspension soon so will most likely be lowering the car a very small amount - maybe 10mm at most.


I'm a huge fan of the 66's - their design suits the car really nicely. However once lowered they will probably look a little lost in the arches. Therefore I want to fit decent hub centric spacers. 


I'm thinking of 15 mm all round spacers to keep the staggered effect. 


What are people's view on this? I don't want any rubbing (will fit extended bolts also).


Will spacers negatively affect the handling etc? Although it's not exactly a lightweight sports car!

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Hi Stu,


I have 15mm BIMECC spacers all around on the Touring - I have 66's , but not staggered. The BIMECC's are good value for money IMO.


No rubbing with my set up. Steering maybe a wee bit heavier, but nothing really to worry about.



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15mm will be spot on; exactly what I'll be doing to my 530i


They'll have the tyres sitting flush with the arches; there should be no rubbing issues at all, unless you lower a lot!


Bimecc spacers are very good; but they're expensive again IMO; these seem to be priced very well and know plenty of folk that have them on other cars and they've had zero issues:



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