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Just bought an e39 M5

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Popping in to say hello...


just bought an e39 M5

c. 72,000 on the clock, 2002 build / 2003 registered, lots of extras on it and in immaculate condition... was dry stored for the last 6 years and will be stored the same way by me, though with some nice driving as well!


looking forward to learning more about these cars...





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50 minutes ago, regtozer9 said:

Hi from NZ,have a Msport 2002 525 I .will post photos later


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Welcome, post up in the "Hello I'm New"  Click on the link below:



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On 05/06/2017 at 11:47 AM, NuckingFuts said:

@akirk out of interest, what did you pay for this beauty? 


Let's just say - top end but the condition is great and has had done to it all I might have chosen to do anyway...

As someone I know (who knew the car & knows e39 M5s & owns one) said - you could buy one for £5k less / spend £10k and still not end up with one as good...

The only issues I have found putting on a couple of thousand miles - sticky rear passenger door actuator (cycled it and now fine) / alarm - unplugged the under-bonnet sensor...

I have already been offered £5k more than I spent :)

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