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Weight rating of tyres

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Both the previous posts are spot on.


If you are having to replace only one tyre, make sure it's the exact same as the other tyre.


Ideally tyres should be replaced on an axle basis.  If replacing two on the same axle, you can use any tyre you want provided it meets the necessary spec for the vehicle in terms of correct size and load carrying capacity.


Tyres are all that keep you on the black stuff, between the hedges and out of the ditches, thus you want to spend money on them and not save money.

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Good explanation of tyre codes including weights here.




105 sounds high for a tyre but on the GT it might be ok due to big wheels.


My rear tyres are 100W which is excessive for my max rear axle loading going by what's printed on the data plate on my car.  Previous owner cheaped out and put budgets on it before trading it.

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