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M535i in Box Fast Classics

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Hi guys, I'm going to see this car tomorrow.  I know I have to check for rust, bangs, knocks, rattles and faulty electronics.  Anything else I should look out for?  I'm finding it hard to price as there is not many out there for sale.

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Buddy I went to see a similar car in High Wycombe last year, similar not the same.


Do yourself a favour find the nearest Kwikfit, tyre depo whatever get on the phone to them and ask to rent the ramp for 10-15 minutes, its the best thing you will ever do.


If there is something to hide you'll find it, if the seller knows there are issues they will be on the back foot straigh away, however if they are honest and there are ant small issues you can discuss them openly.


If you are serious about paying 11k then 50 quid is nothing for a little security  

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