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2004 e60 and Bluetooth phone

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Hi,  I bought myself 2004 E61 to replace my 2001 e39 touring that I didn't bother doing the swirl flaps on. It bit me. Anyway my android phone pairs and transfers numbers but I'm lucky to get one call before the sound reverts back to the phone with nothing through the speakers.  Is this fixable?  Or is the bt unit just too old. I guess this is a common problem.  Any solution?  Cheers. 

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Bmw probably don't care about something this old. It's Sony Xperia Z5 and net is crawling with complaints.  It's hard to know how to proceed.  Z5 worked well with a couple of hiccups on kenwood nav/TV / bt in old e39.  If I could fit it to E61 I would start in the morning. 

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