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520D DMF & Clutch Issues

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Hi All,


I really need your help as this thing really drives me nuts. In April last year, I changed the original clutch and DMF which came with the car from new with ECP. At the time my car had roughly 140k in dash and the clutch started to play a bit since 110k, 30k later the clutch still holded tight, the DMF got a bit noisy but was working. That was the time when actually I though I need to replace them. Well, I bought the parts from ECP and changed them, to my usual garage. To my surprise, 4 months later they were already gone, needed to go through warranty to get a new set, which has been reinstalled brand new. Now, they're gone again, under a year. This really drives me nuts, either their parts are good not or they are repliacas, not genuine LUK.


When the car came from new, I guess it had a LUK DMF and a Sachs clutch, isn't it? I can't really remember but I know when I got them from ECP both were LUK. Anyone has any advise on what to do at the moment? Any help, would be really much appreciated.


Thanks a lot guys.

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Make sure ECP are supplying the correct parts. I've had similar on a Mitsubishi Shogun. They supplied a genuine clutch and flywheel (LUK and Sachs I believe),but the part number they had was incorrectly listed. They all fitted fine, but within a month the flywheel was rattling and the clutch had started to slip. They dug further into it and found the information they had was wrong, they then ordered the correct kit and that was fitted with no issue.

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Hi Mashed Potatoes,


Thanks a lot for your input. Apparently, 2nd time when they provided a brand new clutch and DMF, the parts were the most expensive ones on their website and I have to admit that, kept a month longer than the 1st set which broke. I have no idea what's going on with them but it's really a shame. On a side note of things, I've read somewhere, can't remember where exactly, the BMW clutch is Sachs and not LUK. I'm quite confused at the moment and don't really know what to do. Shall I get Sachs clutch or still stick with LUK? I'll get from somewhere else, that's for sure but any advise would be really much appreciated.


I've heard LUK fake hit the UK market, read an article the other day, hence my confusion. In the actual fact, it's kinda impossible for a brand new clutch and DMF, both to fail within less than 6 months and roughly about 8000 miles.

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