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Snap on connector mod

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I have an iPhone 6. Looked at the snap in connector and decided it's a lot of money for a charger lol.

My phone is also in an Otterbox case. Pretty necessary with my job.

So I came up with this solution....

Remove snap in base and trim to get to rear cigar lighter wiring.

Wire in (I soldered) something like this


Mine is a single socket. Add your phone charger and route it out next to the snap in connector.

As mine was an otterbox it came with a. Belt holder. I removed the belt clip and used double sided tape to attach it to the snap in connector.

You could use an adjustable holder easy enough.

Hey presto phone holder and charger AND it is right over the antenna connector so I might get some extra signal through capacitive coupling (I'm hopeful).

Easy job to do diy and costs very little. Works well with my recent Siri find post


Picture of iPhone in the holder... getting dark now.


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Perhaps I'm missing something but why don't you just plug your apple cable into the USB port in the centre consol and plug other end into your phone?


The consol isn't that big so your phone isn't going to really rattle around. I do that with my iPhone 6.

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I don't keep music on my phone as I have lots of apps and mapping data. I have a 64gb USB drive in the centre USB so the music is always in the car.

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