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intravee help

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I have 2 thing's I am trying to get to work,

firstly I have the welcome message set as -RANGE ROVER V8- if the welcome message is displayed then my R/T button dosn't work

also if I press my steering wheel control to change radio station the message goes off


is there a way to keep the message on even after button press's like an auto refresh option ?


secondly is there any way to set the car to lower when park is selected I have the folding mirrors setup but do need the car lowered for access due to a bad back having it do it automatically would be great

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The welcome message is designed as a one off, once it goes, it goes!  The Intravee just sends the message once, it's the existence of other messages that clear it.  It should disappear as soon as there is any other cluster display activity.


I'm pretty sure the phone capability of the cluster is disabled if a system message is displayed on the cluster, however I'd have expected the cluster message to clear as soon as you turn the ignition on anyway.


I've never tried controlling the ride height of the RR, I'm pretty sure it's possible as I think there are (or used to be) other modules that could be used to control it.  However, I don;t know the iBus codes that need to be used.  It's possible that an iBus log of adjusting the ride height might include the codes, it depends how they have been implemented.

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thanks for the reply, if I can find any info on the coding for the access mode would you be able to view it see if it can be integrated into the system?


only had a short play with the intravee in the car then the car went back to a garage for more oil leak repairs :(

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