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Basic E39 Audio Question

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I'm considering getting a BM54 upgrade done to 50w RMS on the M5. Car does not have DSP.

I'm considering whether or not there is any value to cleaning up the audio signal and if so what good value options are out there? Audison Bitone, is out of budget. Want something less than £200.

Similarly what's a good non-component speaker option? I'm guessing, with 50w RMS, no point having components?

Having Experienced more full on audio setups in the past, I've found them overpowering, and didn't like a sub in the car. I love my separates system at home, but in a car, full on ICE doesn't float my boat.

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Here's some fundamentals for you:


1. Having more RMS power doesn't automatically mean 'better sound quality'. It's just 'louder'. 

2. The reason to process the OEM audio signals is to get as acoustically flat signal as possible to pass onto high quality amplifiers and speakers so that a significant increase in sound quality can be acheived. The Audio Processor helps to acheive that removing the factory pre-set equalization, boosting the signal voltage, and providing a non distorted signal no matter how hard you drive the original OEM amp. 

3. Audio detail and thus quality in the E39 like many other cars comes from creating an excellent front soundstage. An excellent front soundstage won't be achieved by using co-axial speakers mounted where the oem 5.25 inch woofer is in the front doors - the treble will be playing to your knee. 

4. Your last setup wasn't suitable for what you seem to want, although more of the fundamentals were in place. By using a significantly less RMS power to the subwoofer, and also using a much more modest subwoofer driver and having it setup so that there was much less sub bass playing, you'd have got more of what you describe you want above. 


My suggestion to you would be getting a processor, a quality 5/6 channel amplifier, a modest 8/10 inch subwoofer in a small sealed enclosure, and entry/mid level front 5.25 inch components mounted using the £20 door baffles with modest £30-65 rear co-axials. Once installed well, you'd turn the levels down on the subwoofer to a modest level to augment the front 5.25's but with no hint of being 'overpowering'. This setup would sound 'right' given you don't want lots of sub bass, there'll be enough low end response to ensure you still get the full range of music/sound frequencies to make songs sound full and not missing anything. 


Cheers, Dennis!



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