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My Nemesis - Corsa Van 1.3CDTi

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Is anyone experienced with Vauxhall's or diagnostics, fancy offering your thoughts??

My van is a 2008 Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 126k Miles.

Fault: Car cut out when it was idling nicely after some recent engine repair work.

Fault Codes Stored: -

P0380 Glow Device Circuit Open Circuit

P2146 Capacitor Voltage 1 Low Voltage

P0087 Rail Pressure Low Pressure

P1625 Main Relay Output Voltage Low

Symptoms: -

Fuel Pump cannot be heard priming at all.

When cycling the key to start position it does not always engage the starter motor. Maybe 1 in 10 cycling of the key will get the starter moving like the ignition switch is faulty. Being rough with key helps. With live to the starter it spins perfectly.

Compression is good, fires up and idles nicely on easy start.

Timing appears perfect as all timing tools line up correctly.

When using Op-Com to view live data in PCM there is no voltage reading shown, however in all other ECU’s the voltage is recorded accurately.

Whilst there is no obvious water ingress into the PCM it is in the most ridiculous position!!

I would really appreciate any pointers with the fault. Thanks Owen

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Older versions do suffer from water ingress, not that it happened to my boys old Corsa, I had loads of trouble with MAF and EGR with his..

Sorry i can't really help other then say it's a Vauxhall what do you expect.

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