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Ford F150 Pickup 5.4 v8 supercharged

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A friend is selling his truck so I thought someone on here might be interested. It's a harley-davidson edition with a supercharged V8 5.4 - sounds great. It's covered about 50k miles and sounds sweet. Body and interior are in very good condition. Car comes with leather, heated seats, CD, cruise etc. He's after £17000 ono.











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Hi PJ!


Long time no speak/see ! Hopefully catch you and the rest of your gang soon!


 Had two of these in the family now and I do miss them for what they are! First one was imported directly from Texas in early 2004 and it was around 6 months old. The sense of occasion when driving these is fantastic! Surprised many many E36 M3's, Porsche 911/Boxters, all the usual hot hatches, various AMG's and Audi RS's and all the Japanese quick cars! the amount of astonished faces in those cars and windows wound down to express sheer shock at me at least keeping up with them and in many cases going past them was countless! Kept the first one for 5/6 years and reluctantly P/X'd it for an Alpina B3S convertible. Second one was a couple years ago and was only kept a few months as a change of plan family wise meant it had to go - the 24's and lowering kit had only been on for 4/5 weeks !


Not seen the full advert elsewhere, but in case it's not been included, do mention the following points


1. It's the Harley Davidson 100 year Anniversary Edition. 

2. It's the 'full black' version which looks better than the two tone version they also did. 

3. Apart from the usual toys/spec - mention the power pedal's adjustment, and the powered rear square screen (from the pics I see it has that option! and assuming it's the powered one) 

4. When driven normally and with a lighter right foot, the fuel economy is surprisingly decent/good. Plenty of V8 torque means a quick dab on the accelerator and your at 30mph easily and just a little dab here and there to maintain momentum. 

5. When driven so you hear that fantastic Supercharger wail, the fuel economy will drop, but not as much as you'd think ;)


I did have some spares after the last one went, the original wheels and a custom JL Audio stealthbox that fitted into the rear big cubby between the seats, but they sold soon after and I can't remember if there's any other bits. Does this example have the hard Tonneau cover? or is that a fabric cover? also the HD logo bed matt? I think you can get a little gizmo that'll convert the head unit with its built in 6 disk changer, to be able to pick up UK FM tuning frequency steps as well. The first truck we had we didn't do that and took off the long metal antenna and put in a blanking plate. 


I wouldn't mind getting another one, not just yet though !


Good luck for the sale !


Cheers, Dennis!



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16 hours ago, Nomis said:

Didn't the Ford GT have the same motor as these?

Probably the same basic block, that's it.

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