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'04 525d with 90k on the clock, what would you do to it next?

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I picked up a well-priced immaculate 525d and so far have:


- Replaced the cracked exhaust manifold with an aftermarket cast iron from x8r


- Replaced the Main and EGR thermostats with genuine stats as the temperatures were stuck around 70, now they get up to around 90


- Oil change, air filter, brake pads done


I've plugged in DIS and everything is mostly fine except for some glowplug errors, as the glowplugs are so cheap should I go ahead and replace all 6? Is it worth doing the controller at the same time?


I also plan to blank the swirl flaps.


Any other preventative maintenance or improvements you would recommend? I've read something about vac lines? Remap?


thanks a lot for your help





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vac lines?? I thought this engine had an electronic driven actuator for the turbo etc?

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That's right,  vac line problems are on the 535.

There are vac lines to the egr and suchlike but they dont collapse very often. 


I would definitely change the glow plug controller if you are changing the glowplugs

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