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M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

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This is a post from another site, I have the same question but too lazy to retype. Anybody have an answer?


I can not find a part number for this seal. It sits directly under the driver side mirror. Realoem only shows the insulating foam that sits in the door behind the mirror (51328163019 IS NOT THE PART I NEED). I went to the dealership and they couldn't find a part number for it either. They suggest that it might only be available as part of the mirror!! That cant be right. I mean, what if a body shop is doing some work, removes the mirror like I have and the gasket crumbles. They arent going to buy a whole new mirror.... The dealership took pictures of the part and said they would get in touch with tech support to get an answer. The only part number on this piece is 32 289 L. Not enough to get a part number hit on. Help please!




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I'm looking for a new one of these too, I can only assume it comes with the foam insert shown in realoem. I have trawled through it and can't see the rubber part pictured anywhere

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From what I gathered from the forums (US included) they only come with the mirror themselves and does not sell separately.


Why are you selling your M5 mirrors?


Tempting, especially since they are the correct colour for me!


I'm on genuine M5 mirrors now, but they are LHD and I got them for practically nothing. 

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