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Daten files?

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Hi I have both of the cables with software (blue and white) but my inpa doesn't seem to recognise engine module in my 08MY 530d. Do I need an update then? Tried looking for newest daten files but all of them are on file share sites and that's gonna take me a year to download without subscriptions to paid service. Do I have any other options? Just to say that dis works ok (if not for plaque of connection interuptions) and inpa connects fine. Just recognise modules.


Cheers for any tips


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if you got cables from me you would of had latest daten files pre installed,

if you enging is not in inpa you will need to add it but I have never had a problem reading an e60 3.0d, looking at the error its looking for a newer engine file than what you have fitted,

what does dis report it as? as for interruptions using dis, what is your latency timer set at?

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