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Spark Plug Leads

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Hi you all, my M535i has had a very slight lumpy idle and also a hesitation through say 5000rpm, very brief but its there and noticeable. Anyways as the spark plugs were an unknown to me I set about the task of replacing them, well as we all know one job leads into another. The leads are disintegrating in my hands, I have two out, one boot is split/torn whilst the other had the wire loosely pushed into the top of the spark boot. These could be my issues, along with the 4 pronged Super Plus plugs that are coming out! So anyways, before I get stung by my local dealer for original ones are there any aftermarket leads such as Magnecor that work as well?


Thanks in advance




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2 hours ago, dan101smith said:

Hi Mike,


I've heard a few people have issues with the 4-prong plugs.


Magnecor leads will work just fine. I'm sure I've got a good used set in the garage if you'd rather spend less on used to check it fixes the issue?


The oldish guy in my local parts store also said the same, people left them in longer under the impression they lasted 4xlonger


How much are you looking for the used Magnecor? Would you mind posting to Ireland if I went down that route? What colour are they in? Out of interest who is best to get new Magnecor leads from?


Bavarian Auto stateside do a set for $129, anyone any experience with these? Also a new Dizzy cap from them is $61


Thanks for the replies, good to hear from the experts....

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