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B10 V8 price

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A good customer of mine has taken in a R registration B10 V8 in silver. The car has FSH from Munich Legends. The previous owner is a 60 years old barrister, therefore no expense spared, and owned the car since 2011. Also is the third owner. With just over 100,000 miles.


He is not sure what to price the car at. Therefore he has asked me to post. Thoughts?


Also if anyone is interested in the car, please let me know either by PM or updating the thread, cheers

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Should be worth  a minimum of £8k retail dependent upon list of options at build time, even though a pre facelift it has excellent service history, lowish miles and only three owners.

Maybe advert here via gold plus Alpina Register will test market although December - March is not a good time and generally Alpina V8 appeal to limited market, however both Vin and Alpina build plate data will help examine the build options.

That said they are fine cars and a £70k car for £8k or so remains a good buy.

I would not sell my 2000 V8 for less than £9k, should I wish to part with it.


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