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Realistic cash got out of breaking an E39 Sport?

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Morning all,


My beloved 530i Sport shat its gearbox last night so I'm having a bit of a head scratch as to what to do.


I'm as skint as an extra in Oliver Twist so the option of spending £1.5k+ on a recon box / fitting just isn't there.


I've got the chance to buy a mate's car for a good price but I need to know what sort of cash I may realise from breaking the E39. Can anyone advise? I know it's not an exact science but a ballpark figure would be useful.


2001 Facelift 530i Sport Auto

Silver with immaculate grey leather

140k miles

Aftermarket xenon headlights

All round great condition - few paint bubbles here and there, worst is boot lid.


Cheers all,



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A quick eBay search reveals the following:-


Circa £200 for the seats and door cards, if in really good nick.

£50 for each non OE headlight if in good nick

£50 per front wing if more or less rust-free

£50 for the door mirrors (the pair)

£400ish for the complete engine

£200 to £300 for the alloys if they're desirable and in good nick.


There's electronic modules that will also sell + a huge amount of minor stuff too.


Weigh the shell of the car in for £100 (if you're lucky). Steel scrap values fell through the floor some time ago now.


Questions you should ask yourself:


- do you want to go through all the hassle of actually dismantling the car yourself?

- have you the space to store all the components?


There are a few car dismantlers who'll take the car off your hands for more than if you just weigh the complete car in for its scrap metal value. Have a look at these people: http://www.sellyourproblemcar.com/


(Edit: the sellyourproblemcar will only take a car no older than 10yrs so not much use in your case. In general, dismantlers likely to offer more than scrap metal merchants.)

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Thanks gents, that's good to know. That being the case I reckon I'll have to scrub up the wonga for a decent used box and ask my friendly mechanic to help stick it in.


Appreciate the comments.

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I think someone has offered a good ZF gearbox in the parts/breakers section recently. I'm in the same position as you. My gearbox has it's faults it's sluggish but so far it has done almost 160000 miles and I did two oil changes. Still don't know what will I do when it goes bang one day...

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I've broken a couple, and I'm breaking a few now.

Interior wise what sells

Sport wheel £80-100

Sport seats £100-120 if heated £130 if electric.

Contour/comfort seats £200-300

Heater controls if not broken £35

Full nav set up £300

High OBC clocks £80-120 depending on pixels

Window switch £20

Vavona/silver trim £30 max

Door cards £40

Arm rest if non phone £35

Rear vents £15 unbroken

Beige and grey interiors don't sell really, may sell sport seats that's it, black sells better.



Exterior wise

Wings £20-40 each depending on rust

Headlights with broke adjusters and clouding £80-120 with new adjusters etc £200

Bumpers £150 each

Bonnet £50 if someone wants it

Bootlid £60-100 if rust free

Mirrors standard £15 each

Mirrors chromatic £80-120 each

Mirrors autofold chromatic £120-180

Rear lights £60


Abs pump £30-80

Sport suspension £180

Engine £500-700 


Then you're pretty much scrapping the rest, but it will hang around for ages and it won't sell instantly, you'll have good patches and dry patches.


If it was me I'd put a second hand box in it



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Thanks all. I've got a pal who works for BMW and he's ordering me up a clutch cup to see if we can fix it without replacing the box. If we manage it I'll update.

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