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Goodyear Eagle F1 AS2 vs Kumho Ecsta le sport KU39

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Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Kumho tyres, other that them being a sponsor of a BMW racing series I have not heard of them before.


They appear to be a mid market tyre & are Korean made. I am currently running Eagle F1s all round on my M5 but the rears are looking a bit low & will need to be changed within a few hundred miles. I have done some research & there seems to be quite a a lot of good things said for Kumho tyres in general & they also appear to be a lot cheaper than the Goodyear's. Cheaper does not always mean they are not as good which is why I am asking if any experience has any first hand of them.






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I've had both tyres and rated both very well.


For the 'top end' of Budget tyres; the Kumho's do very well IMO and personally would say they're more mid-brand


I know a few folk had stated they had cracking issues with theirs; but I'd never had this and had used their tyres on various cars over the last few years and on my previous E38 too!


I must admit; I rated the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres very highly indeed and if you can find them in budget; I'd deffo go for those!

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I've ran multiple sets of the KU39's on my previous cars and also never had any cracking, couldn't rate then highly enough and will probably be what I aim for once the factory fit tyres are ready for replacement.

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Im currently running KU39's and have mixed opinions.

They seem to grip and perform well - cant complain at that. However, upon inspecting the rear tyres a few months ago I found cracks around the inner sidewalls of both rear tyres.

The pressures were correct and I wasnt running excessive negative camber, they had only covered around 3,000 miles.


I had the set replaced under goodwill, I am still using them on the car under a watchful eye, however upon looking around the net - other people seem to have had the same issue.


Will be trying a set of Falken FK next.



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