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Nice E28

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At Gaydon I bumped into an old mate of mine who lives not far from me.  Anyway I have not seen him for around 24 years as he remembered me as a Ford guy ! as I had my Mk2 RS 2000 when I last saw him.  Turns out he had bought himself an E28 and he showed it up with it at my house last week.  It's an '86 Dolphin Grey 518 with just 39000 miles on it and it is a very tidy car...






He wants to get some more grunt (obviously) but it's a very straight unmolested car.  What do you lot think?

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That is bloody lovely, personally we are all to our own but I would leave it as it is and not muck around with such a low milage nice genuine e28.

Agree but if you must an easily reversible swap such as that I suggest would be the route I'd take.

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