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My third E39! :)

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Ok sussed it!! 'Bout time!! :D Pics courtesy of the sellers advert.


It's not the prettiest car from the front, but it's an uber cruiser and damn fast when you boot it. I do still miss having an E39 to be honest, but this will tick some other boxes in the future for me. 



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Thanks Dan, it's not half bad!! There's a scuff on the front bumper, but it's on the trim insert where the parking sensors are so an easy sort and the alloys are in need of a refurb as a little bubbly. Other than that, it just needs a good detail - and an interior freshen up! It has auto boot opening on hydraulic rams but that's failed. Apparently a common issue with the pipes becoming porous and leaking fluid. Whilst there's no fluid sloshing about anywhere, you can smell hydraulic fluid in the car and especially when you open the boot.


The only other item needing attention is an occasional knock on 1st-2nd and 2nd-1st gear. Sadly it didn't happen on the test drive. I'm pretty certain it's the prop guibo - again a common issue it seems. So I've ordered one for replacement. That's an easy enough job, just a lot to remove to get to it, including the exhaust system.


The PO had it over 6 years and was only selling due to circumstances, he was gutted to see it go. It's certainly been well loved!

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