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Danny WM

Clunking on take off?

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I had this same issue on my 525d - thought it could be the propshaft bearing, the FUBAR doughnut and worst case, the diff itself.


I found a whole used propshaft on eBay for £90 and thought I'll replace the whole thing and hope the noise goes away rather than doing a trial and error on different parts as it will work out more expensive. Paid someone £90 to replace it for me and voila, sound gone!


My Guibo (Doughnut) was seized on the diff so maybe that's what was causing the issue but I can't be too sure, all I know was that I was glad the sound went for less than £200.

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The noise in the video (by Wabby Nov2016) (creaking like an old bed) was part #2 on my old 2001 E39, refered to as the rear lower ball joint. Required a puller to get the old one out but couldn't remove the other side, the mechanic recommened removing the hub and heat up or cut out (wasn't squeacking even with 10mm of play... I left it alone for a further 5 years).

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