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Nurgurgring trip

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Hi Guys,


I went on a long overdue trip to the Nurburging over the bank holiday, I used to go fairly regularly but since getting married/moving/having kids, its been 6 years! 

So I packed up the touring on Thursday and headed down to Folkstone after work and crashed at the worlds cheapest hotel. Got up to catch a 5am train and then followed a 6 hour drive (a mates bike decided to overheat so had to pull over for an hour). We ended up camping as we were meeting a larger bunch out there and some were a bit low on cash but It was actually really fun. Managed 5 laps in total and the 5 was better than I thought, managed a 9:35 BtG which was closer that I thought it would be to my old 330ci (9:05). you could definitely feel the extra weight and I think my alignment wasn't quite aggressive enough (-1.5 all round) but I was trying to find a balance as its also my dd. The car was very balanced and pushed out evenly but I could feel the rear was just a joke, I think every component is passed its best back there so I'm looking to renew.


I bought a dashcam on the way out there so will post up a video once I've merged into a single clip (records in 5min clips) but in the mean time, here's some quick snaps:





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Glad you enjoyed your trip - it's a real experience, just as a roadtrip even if weren't intending to drive on the track.


My fourth visit was in June this year.  

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On 8/18/2017 at 10:34 PM, bmwmike said:

Cool. I'd love to do that. Nobody I know would do it though. Maybe one day..

It's a really easy trip and not too far from Calais (330 miles or so). As I said previously above, even if you didn't drive on the track, the whole experience of just being there is one you'll never forget.

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On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 0:00 AM, Mazi said:

Amazing trip. We stayed here http://www.hotel-an-der-nordschleife.de/

Might go again this year after visiting the Frankfurt Motorshow

That's the one by Adenau Bridge, isn't it?


We try to stay at the AM Tiergarten in Nurburg village. Can highly recommend that place.

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