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UKs first RWB Porsche

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Spent the weekend helping build the uk first profusion customs RWB Porsche with the legend Nakaisan himself. An amazing artist to watch and also a great guy to get to know outside the workshop too.

I have a ton of behind the scenes pics n videos of the build.

Let me know if there's any interest and I'll post up.



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What's different about this one?

The major difference being this is the first 964 with the "Royal" arches which are the widest available and the extended aero features.

But they've also gone all out and nothing has been left untouched inside or out. Nakai himself said this is the most work ever done to one and is already the most expensive build to date.

Also a twin turbo conversion coming soon, ran out of time to complete it before the weekend.

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More pictures or it didn't happen

First car on my list when we win the euro millions, a Porsche

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More pictures or it didn't happen

First car on my list when we win the euro millions, a Porsche

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Funnily I joked with Nakai-San on the Friday night that if our millis came in he was gonna have to cancel Australia n stay build me one.

He asked on Saturday morning and I said what can I get for 10p ?! He handed me a torx screw lol

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Wow!!! Simply wow!!! The guys a legend. Well done T in getting into that circle. More content and pics required!

I'll post up some pics later, my Facebook album has near 200 I think.

But here's one of my faves, cruisin west end with the man himself callin shotgun in the 5.

I told a friend who didn't believe me so we had to take some selfies for proof


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I can't even afford that :( why do I go to work? He'd be building me one too....Id want to help though or get in the way. Always wanted a Porker

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Facebook stalking level: expert

Looks really good. Some other nice cars down there too.

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He doesn't like help, a lot of time we felt useless standing about watching. But it's his masterpeice so he does it all only occasionally asking to take wheels off so he can adjust suspension or hold an arch that's away to be chopped.

And everything is done by eye, no measuring no markings. The kit is such good quality it fits perfect first time. Not like usual aftermarket parts that need trial fitting chopping n changing adjusting before paint n fit.

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Some more pics for you


The car as it was, imported from Japan, 964 carrera 4 coupe non sunroof.


All bodywork prepared and painted by Tom at le mass automotive. House of kolor sunset orange pearl.


All the kit is painted before it is even offered up to the car. He's that confident in the quality and fitment.


Standard 3.6 flat 6, all stripped and fully rebuilt. Twin turbo conversion coming soon.



Interior is all smoothed and painted. Half cage and JL audio kit in doors and rear seats. Not too loud but a good quality sound.


Nakai-San arrived Friday about 11:30 after a 20 hour trip from Japan.


Quick introduction and look around and he's straight stuck in. Preparing some aero parts which he brought with him so we can get it to paint shop ASAP.


Next up he fits the mesh to front bumper and offers it to the car and tapes it into place.


He then does the same with the front arches and uses masking tape to mark the outline.

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Then comes the first cut. Done with an airsaw and free handed, it's amazing how he quickly makes the perfect curve. Then sands the edges smooth and seals.




The engine cover then gets bolted into place. Probably one of the easier peices. Again no measurements, he gets all the gaps lined up perfect by eye.

At this point I went off with Raj to get some lunch. Nakaisan was keen to try English fish n chips! when we got back about half hour later he had both rear 1/4s cut and arches in place.







With arches in place it was time to adjust the suspension and offer on the wheels to see how it sits. Custom engraved Work wheels, 10j up front and massive 13j on the arse end.

There would be lots of fine tuning of the suspension and ride height over the next couple days as more of the kit was put on and fixed permanently into place.

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Once he's happy all is lined up he drills and bolts the arches and front bumper into place.




While Nakai-San was busy doin that, Raj and myself built up one of the custom recaro seats and fitted.




Lastly for the day on goes the rear bumper and lights.

It's 9pm now and they call it a day n go for some dinner.

However Raj, Tom and myself stay back due to a clutch problem. A couple hours later we managed to get it bled and working.

End of day one! Most of the hard stuff is done. Amazing how fast he works especially for being jet lagged after his flight. Now all that was left was all the finishing touches and tweaks here n there. Nakai-San is a perfectionist and will spend a lot of time going over n over parts of the car that any of us would normally think are finished.


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Bit of a story behind that one Len as I'd seen this before so decided to ask. In 2011 he was to partner up with VAD to set up RWB UK. As usual he built the kit and sent it over prior to his arrival. Unfortunately for them VAD decided not to pay him and instead to use his parts to mould their own kit and sell it as their own. So he has basically disowned that car, his words were he no longer recognises that as an RWB but a fake.

And left him with ill feeling towards the UK which is why it took a lot of persuading to get him back here and build the first official car which is numbered UK#1

VAD basically fucked it up for themselves by tryin to rip him off and sell n fit kits themselves. The car is actually for sale just now priced £170k but nobody even the collectors won't touch it as anyone who knows RWB knows the story behind it.

Nakaisan said its not worth that money even if it was genuine. He could build one for you personally for less.

Anyway will update day 2 build pics soon!

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So day 2....


Starts with a smoke in the chair of course!


Then he goes about reinforcing the arch n bumper fixings in the wheel wells.

Lost count the number of times the car was up in the air while he fine tuned the suspension and fitment.





While Nakaisan tweaked the kit, I helped Raj make up a pair of exhausts. Not much too them really. We didn't spend too much time on these as they are temporary with the twin turbo conversion happening at later date.


Tom from lemass came by with the fresh painted aero parts. Nakaisan taped them into place to decide if going to use them or not. They chose yes!




Then he talks a pic of paper, with out measuring or drawing any outline, he cuts out a template within seconds. And then places it on the rear arch, tapes around it, cuts out a hole, and fills it with black mesh, then bolts the aero wing into place over it, directing the airflow into the engine cover air scoops.

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Happy with how it's sitting he then stencils the tyres with the famous idlers logo. Watch this space as we've been invited over to next years race and are making plans!



Next up they decide on going with the double level wing. I'm not usually a fan of big spoilers but it looks great here and works well with the fat arches.






All that's left was fit the front canards, wire up the custom headlamps which have a large Angel eye for sidelight which then flashes orange for the indicator, pretty cool touch. And fit the screen sticker and paint the rear mesh badge black.



That was day 2 and most the work finished.

Time for a cruise about in the 5 and off to a nice Indian meal, joined by Morisan a Japanese documentary maker who came to film, Darren Woolway the official photographer and his assistant Dean, and also Norm from Cars n Coffee / Porsche Register and Sohail from supercars Manchester.

This is when we started talking about whisky and Nakaisan decided on a name.

Later that night I'd spend an hour sat outside the hotel with Nakaisan and Morisan chatting shit about our countries, his life n random crap, was nice to get to know a little about the man other than his cars.

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So into day 3 and it was time to unveil to the public. The crowds had come on Friday and Saturday, allowed to stand at the workshop entrance and observe.

But Sunday's crowd was massive, with loads of cars lined up in the industrial estate.






There wasn't much to do on the car, apply a few stickers, give it a good clean, fit the passenger seat and floor plates etc.

Nakaisan revealed the name Hibiki, which is a Japanese whisky, and translates to beautiful sounds, good vibrations. Quite fitting.

He sat infront of the car in his famous chair, done some official interviews with local and international press that had come to see it.

And also took time to meet the fans and sign autographs.

Then it was official launched and taken for a test drive. Something wasn't quite right and he spotted right away it wasn't getting enough fuel. A quick check revelled a leak, quick fix, luckily before it caught fire as it was just over an exhaust! Another test run and all was good, Nakaisan was happy and signed it off as the UK official number 1!




The rest of us mingled with the crowd, Nakaisan packed up his gear and sat at the back of the garage chilling before his flight, occasionally being asked for an autograph or photo by someone who'd come inside.

And just like that it was over! He was off to the airport to catch a flight to Japan, pick up some parts and head to Melbourne to build Australia's second RWB.

In fact as I type this I'm seeing it being unveiled on Facebook! The man doesn't stop!



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