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2002 E39 M5 For sale - SOLD !

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Some of you will remember me putting up the M5 for sale and then backing out last Decmeber but its definitely going due to lack of use which is a shame but i dont have the storage space to keep it. Advert is similar to before but i've completely rebuilt the back end since Christmas which has cost quite a few thousand to do.


It was first registered in Jan 2002 with a build date of Nov 2001. I bought the car in April of 2013 with 82406 miles on the clock and it has now done 87734 so only done 5k in that time. I’m selling as its not getting used, I did start to use it a bit more to go to work but I’m changing jobs so it’ll be stuck in the garage again.

It’s a rare colour being Bluewater Metallic. Aside from the normal M5 kit, this M5 has the split rear seat option with ski bag, electric rear blind, full M-audio Individual audio, MK4 16:9 Satnav , ISOFIX for the child seats, and Glass sunroof.


It has full BMW service history and is HPI clear – I have 2 HPI certs for this car as the previous owner had finance on the car which showed on the 1st HPI check, the second check which I can show any potential buyer shows the car as clean. When I bought the car I was told that the previous owner to the seller had had the clutch changed but there were no receipts to prove this. Then the diff input shaft seals and prop bearing were done there were paint alignment marks on the prop shaft which tied in with someone having removed the prop shaft previously I assume to do the clutch. There is no slip on the clutch and it pulls clean.


I have a thread on detailing world which is a good log of all that I’ve done to the car http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=316453 which includes a pictures of the car as it stands now. I’ve tried to keep everything as OEM as possible without modifying the car, the only one thing I have done is install a new pair of Russ Fellows backboxes. I also have virtually brand new OEM silencers which will come with the car. I genuinely cannot find any rust on the car, the sills are perfect and I checked the jacking points last year before any paint was done on the rear and they were also fine.




The following work has been done on the car in the time I’ve owned it.


New Input Shaft Diff Seals and covers


Central Prop shaft bearing


New Diff Oil (BMW supplied)


New gearbox Oil (Royal Purple)


New Pollen Filters


New Oil Filter (Genuine BMW Parts)


Oil Change (Castrol 10W60) (done again in the last 3 months)


Oil Separator Valves and hoses


New near Side Vapour barrier


Replace majority of the Shadow Chrome trim on the exterior of the doors


Full coolant Flush with Genuine BMW coolant


Replacement thermostat including seals


Vanos boards removed, all joints on the boards re-soldered and solenoids cleaned. All new seals and gaskets.


New Pre-Cat O2 Sensors


New Spark Plugs


New Upper Cam Chain Tensioner


Replacement seals on both Oil Recovery Solenoids (3 per solenoid)


2 New Rear tyres


All 4 wheels refurbished at The Wheel Specialist in Manchester


All new wheel nuts


All interior Titanium trim replaced with Technical Graphite Cubica trim


Brand new gear knob Inc. gaiter


New Final Stage Resistor


New Battery


New Bonnet release catches Inc. cables


Absolutely every single front suspension part replaced Inc. shocks and joints including centre drag link.


All 4 brake callipers fully refurbished Inc. seals, pistons and re-powder coated by BigRed


Goodridge braided hoses


New lower sump gasket including replacing all the bolts with new genuine parts


Cam cover gaskets replaced including brand new genuine bolts


Power steering hose (Genuine BMW part)


Flushed power steering fluid


Flush Brake fluid


New rear handbrake shoes


New fuel filter


Sill area behind front wheels treated and re-painted


Rear area underneath boot catch – all rust removed and replaced with genuine BMW panel


Typical rust area round boot release switch treated and painted


Brand new boot release switch


New M and 5 badges Inc. BMW roundel


Front and Rear bumpers all repainted


All new bumper trims front and rear


Countless screws, bolts and clips replaced with genuine parts


Replaced centre Motorola arm rest with a genuine leather tilt and slide arm rest Inc. cubby hole


Full rear subframe removal and refurbishment, again all bushes replaced, brand new shocks, diff removed, diff oil replaced with new output shaft seals.


Brand new MAF’s


New EBC Yellow stuff Pads all round


Brand new front discs, think they’ve only just done 250 miles.


Brand new front tyres.




Bad points




There is wear on the driver’s side bolster, and there a few scratches on the rear bench seat.


One of the side window blinds the clip is broken but the hook still works.


The two rear quarter light blinds are missing.


Theres a small paint chip at the front of the bonnet.


When replacing the front tyres, the tyre fitters have knocked some of the paint off the front right hand alloy which is a shame.




Due to the recent time and money spent since January of this year and the sheer amount of time and effort I’ve put into this M5, I’m advertising it at £15000. Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire.




All the photos were taken on the 27 July, Underside shots taken 28/07.



As you can see i have a very large pile of receipts for all the work i've done to the car during my ownership.


Odometer reading taken 28/07/2016



Thanks for looking.






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Ohhh looks spot on and looked after! I'm drooling pondering loved my last one to bits! Tis a lot of money but they are special!  Ohh decisions decisions :-) 


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11 minutes ago, cableguy said:

Lovely looking well cared for car that I doubt will hang around long. GLWS.


What manufacture are the exhausts/back boxes?



Cheers, back boxes are Russ Fellows, sound well without being too loud or intrusive.

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19 minutes ago, chopp said:

Trying to pm you unsuccessfully! Can you try me! Chopp:-)

Hi chopp, just messaged you now with contact details if you want to get in touch.




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Thanks for all the feedback, its been sold to another Forum member this morning, glad its going to a great home with an enthusiastic owner.


Again - this forum has proved its weight in gold, the £10 gold membership is awesome value for money.

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Nice to see it's staying local too; never saw it though and we've family over in Clitheroe (off Pimlico Road and Lancaster Drive etc)!

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Not surprised it has sold, gorgeous car in mint condition, lots of work done and sub 100k miles. That was worth the money, which is more than you can say for a lot of them advertised for £10k+

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It's mine!! I've jus got ta say fellas it's the doggs bolls cleaner than my last e39 m5 03 plate! It's mint and work Kieron has put in is mega  I'm holdin on to this! Just sold my e60 v10 :DAnd got ta say I don't miss smg box one  bit awesome motor ruined by over complicated gbox which doesn't know if it's auto or manual sorry to go on but I'm so made up to be getting back in best motor I've ever owned the E39 M5:D:D By far ps tryin to get Kieron to get sound track of exhaust (f'kin awesome)  am I happy!! Oohh yeahh

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Looks like you've got yourself an excellent motor there Chopp!


Where in the NW are you pal; there seems to be a few more of us now! :) 

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2 hours ago, d_a_n1979 said:

Looks like you've got yourself an excellent motor there Chopp!


Where in the NW are you pal; there seems to be a few more of us now! :) 

I was thinking that, I'm close to Preston too....

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1 hour ago, d_a_n1979 said:

Aye; Darwens too close to where 6 fingered people live :P:lol: 

Ah but I'm from darn sarf and I've had my jabs..... 

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Ha ha love it! I'm from lovely Ellesmere Port  it nestles on banks of river mersey! Bit of sh-t hole really! But hey ho I got my m5 


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