Possible sell E39 M5 Genuine staggered alloys?!?!

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HI Guys!


I'm looking for opinions! Warning Its not war and peace but not far off lol

I've recently been forced into getting my E39 ready for sale. :( I have submitted to the fact that I'm going to have to sell the car to help with leaner times (nothing to do with the EU btw I've been struggling with debt for over 10years! It's just finally catching up with me lol).


Currently have 535i V8 SE with FULL FACTORY FITTED SPORT UPGRADE when ordered BUILD SHEET BACKED UP! Cheaper insurance! Tons of history, 69k FSH and fully maintained in the last 6 months thousands spent!! MOT till January 2017 (my own fault, it didn't actually need much doing with being on low miles but rather have all fluids (apart from gearbox still doing research on the lifetime oil area lol) swapped out, brakes virtually new front and rear (rears upgraded to dimpled and grooved) The brakes are amazing!) Sapphire Black with Gloss black shadow trims, Colour coded bumper and door rub trims, M5 mirrors (inside and out) Private plate M500 HGB included. Grey leather with carbon fibre wrapped trims, M3 E46 SMG paddle shift steering wheel and all BMW parts to get it working! I CAN'T GET ACROSS HOW GREAT IF FEELS AS I DROVE MY LAST E39 SPORT FOR ABOUT A YEAR BEFORE HAVING THE SYSTEM INSTALLED!! Back box delete done proffesionally with powerflow, V8 roars! and perrrrrrs on tick over, virtually silent when standing! Sony headunit and 4x speakers with mod cons USB AUX etc. Strut brace, pippercrossfilter, 100w headlight/fog light bulbs with originals in storage, LED angle eyes pure white, LED Boot and glovebox units, M logo front door projectors, Smoked standard style rear lights, Chrome indicator bulbs all round, Smoked side repeaters, Brand new anit roll bar drop links all round, Front polybushes it handles amazingly!!! I'm planning to dyno check power before selling.


Hope you're still reading sorry for the rant but is a very custom tweaked E39


What I want opinions on is, I've currently got a near mint set of 4 genuine M5 staggered rear M5 Alloys.

Refurbished about a year ago, powder coated standard BMW silver as when I had them shadow chrome, they just got dirty quickly so you don't get the enjoy the chrome much. Plus if you ever damage a rim it can be impossible to match the colour without doing all 4 wheels at the same time, and at the time I had a set of 5 at the time!! (the spare got stuck in my old car.) BMW center badges and M logos 2 years old so still look good. Each front wheel has one small bit of damage (3rd part not me:angry: ) but are reparable (I've checked!) rears MINT.


I still have the Genuine sport SPARE alloy from my last E39, and I was wondering if I could unlock some cash now!? If I was to part ex my M5 alloys with someone who has a near mint set of genuine standard sport alloys (staggered rears) and as my M5s are surely worth more, hopefully get some cash aswell? there for unlocking some cash? Because I think the car will still look very nice even with the standard alloys on?! Which would depend on what my wheels are worth and the standard sport alloys I can pick up? mine have GoodYear Eagle F1 tyres, 275/35/18 245/40/18, rears need changing very soon fronts still have plenty left!


So is it better to sell my M5 alloys or keep them on the car? Some of the pictures are old!


Thankyou for your time :D

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So far the advice is coming back to sell them separately and as I can put the car on stands cos I only do max 6k a year, I can live without the car for a short period. So looking to sell asap. I'll get some pictures up asap and open to offers, but remember these are rare genuine M5s not replicas, and they are in very good condition, so I need a decent price for them!!

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