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Intravee controlled using Blutooth idea

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I know this is wishful and probably never happen but I would love to update my factory radio to one of the factory looking radio that has android running it. The problem is I don't want to give up my intravee and my set up ( alpine Sirius alpine hd tunner, alpine dsp) my idea to this solution would be to have a blu tooth to ibus converter and an android app that mimic what is displayed with the intravee menu so when u push on that menu key to say control Sirius that outputs the correct ibus command via blutooth then picked up by the Bluetooth to ibus converter for the intravee to pick up. In concept it would seem like this would work. I assume it would also have to fake out the intravee to think it's in dsp mode what are your guys thoughts on this? I know someone was working on an Bluetooth to ibus converter for music streaming so the hardware is probably done.

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Its the sort of thing that if you had both the skills and desire to do, it could be done.  But realistically, no one else would want to spend the time and effort required to make such a device.

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