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Modern Classics magazine need an E28 B10 3.5

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Below is an appeal copied from the Alpina Register forum:


Hello all, Modern Classics magazine is looking to put together an E28 M5 up against an E28 B10 3.5. We've found an M5 in Kent, and we just wondered if there's anyone in the south of England who owns a B10 3.5 who'd be up for their car being featured. A trained journalist will drive the car, but it won't be Top Gear-style stupidity, just for general impressions and low speed stuff for photography; the car will be fully insured by us. Fuel will be refunded and food provided. We'd be wanting to shoot this in July/August. 
Interested? Drop us a line at nathan.chadwick@bauermedia.co.uk 
Nathan Chadwick 
Acting Managing Editor, Modern Classics magazine 

(And if you've been reading Modern Classics, what do you make of it? Positives and negatives welcome).

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