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BMW M62 4.4 Vanos Overhall question

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I've got an M62 engine and its done about 150,000 miles.

Its getting a little rattle on start up ,not all the time but more often now and Im looking to sort it out.

A few weeks ago I changed the cam cover gaskets as there was a slight leak and knowing they hadn't been changed thought it would cure the misfiring issue.

I was right and the misfiring stopped ( little oil down spark plug )


Now if you haven seen the inside of a 150k cam cover which (not owner from new) hasn't had the best service, you can imagine the crud that's collected.

The oil breather pipe was also well blocked with crud.

The worst thing I could have done was to scrape out the crap from the cover as I would not have had everything to hand to get all the bit outs and could have caused a bigger issue with floating debris. so planned to do this at a later date.

I've been advised that on start up, the bottom end rattle could be a lazy oil pump. the crud at the top will almost certainly be at the bottom, clogging everything up so I wouldn't be surprised if the pump is a bit clogged


Taking the covers off isn't a big job and while the covers are being cleaning I was looking at taking the sump off and also having this cleaned.

at this point I though, well Vanos, im sure this could do with sorting out and not fussed about working on this engine thought id tackle it (going to change water pump and bleed power steering as well)


So Vanos.

I've seen a few places that sell the kits...but...

do you have any recommendations, links or experience in doing this.

Im after a kit list, everything to over hall the vanos including seals and press tools (if required)

any alignment tools for the cams also.

I know its not a 5 minute job but best to tackle everything in one go.


Any advise?







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I`ve done the vanos repair on a couple of m54 engines and bought the kits from Besian directly so would recommend them.


I also knew a couple of members on bmwland that bought from i6 automotive but not sure how good they are



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 Your rattle could just be a weak timing chain tensioner, I had a rattle on start up and vanos fault codes on my 535i and fitting a new tensioner cured both, considering how easy they are to change and how relatively cheap new tensioners are I would stick one in first to see what happens.

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I came across this little gem while trawling the net for m62 engine builds Here  it starts at 8.15 When i get round to doing my vanos i think this is the way i'll go.

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