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So progress is extremely slow, but moving along. I've now got the whole front suspension / steering / subframe assembly off and am quite painstakingly grinding off rust, degreasing and POR15'ing all the components. As i'm going along i'm then rebuilding it to get it to a rolling chassis stage to send for rust repair and a respray. 

To that end a key purchase in Q1 was a decent engine crane. Also managed to rebuild the Left hand leg, apart from some new springs i need + bolts, spring pads etc. 



and a little resto on the bumper shocks



Also continued stripping down the engine ancilliaries ahead of lifting it out. A mouse had made a home under the inlet manifold. Also quite worryingly when i drained the oil the first 5 or 6 seconds of flow was clear water... Guess an engine rebuild was always on the cards. 


Plan for Q2 is to complete the rebuild of the front subframe assembly / steering and shocks. 

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Excellent work, especially on those struts! Great to see.


Don't worry about making slow progress as you're miles ahead of me. Just don't pull out too much of a lead, as I'd like a picture of them together at some point before I retire. 



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Sorry for the radio silence. Been a little busy getting married. Was lucky enough to use this on the special day...


On top of a load of other weddings and stag do's, including some of this


No that my finances are improving post nuptuals i have been able to buy some bits to get to a rolling chassis stage. That  includes a set of Eibach springs, new front hubs/ bearings, Top mouonts and a load of other bits from BMW. I was looking forward to doing a 'whats in the box' pic but then Eibach are on back order from Germany for 3 weeks, So decided to crack on with dropping the engine out.  

I've also dropped out both rear hubs / shocks etc. 




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Incredibly slow progress while i wait for the springs...


Also managed to get the rear subframe out from beneath. With the LSD still attached its not the lightest car part in the world. The LSD is clearly leaking so will need to find someone to rebuild it. 


And also invested in one of these for the subframe bushes...


With the subframe out i have a clear view of the fuel lines which are well rotten. Brake lines look fine. 

Re the rust, had a bit of carpet lifting action and the rust penetrates the front footwells along the sill for about 5 inches on either side. To help here i'm slowly buying BMW panels to help the welder, now have a complete drivers side inner sill in the loft...

Also sent the power steering box off to ICS in Birmingham to rebuild. I've been quoted circa £250 + VAT

Finally built up the engine stand. Just need to get the clutch and flywheel off and will be able to start work on the engine. 


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Diff's are pigging heavy even on their own!


Dan and I have both used http://www.gearboxman.co.uk/


he replaced he bearings in my M3 diff and built dan an upgraded diff for his race car.


Not a million miles away from you.

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Springs finally arrived after a month of back order. 


The entire car is staying OEM bar the springs, i was hoping for around a 20mm drop but these look a lot more than that. Will have to see how it looks and decide. 


I was hoping to build up the front suspension but BMW parts are a little slow to arrive so will have to wait for Saturday. 

The rest of day i spent removing the fuel lines. I already have 2 of the 3 lines needed that i ordered from BMW, they pretty much crumbled in my hands. I am one bolt away from dropping out the fuel tank. Needed to dremel off a bold but with all the petrol leaking everywhere decided to hold off, let it evaporate during the week and revisit next weekend. 



Also did some housekeeping, Engine is now on the stand, Gearbox and LSD to one side ready to be sent off for a rebuild etc



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Minor Update as i've been away for quite a few weekends. 

ICS rebuilt my Steering box. It was weeping like a mofo, cost around £250 plus VAT to have done, can't speak on the results until the car is on the road...


With this back i can start to rebuild the front subframe, pics of which next time. 

I also finished rebuilding the front legs, the only original part left is the actual leg and hub. 




So the next step will be to rebuild the front subframe and suspension / steering assembly to get the front rolling again. 

In other news, i dropped the fuel tank out. Needless to say the metal pipework (mostly breather pipes) had rusted to nothing. This is in fact a huge milestone for me as its the final part attached to the underneath of the car, so we're a great deal nearer to sending the car off to be welded. 


The rest of Oct i'll be busy fixing some niggles with the e39, and i'm away for November on Honeymoon, so hoping for further progress in Dec. 

Thx for tuning in

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For the metal bits i want to keep its all from Frosts
- metal degreaser
- Metal rust treatment
- POR 15 -> 2/3 coats depending on how fed up i get with spilling it on my clothes and hands

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Update Time, And its a landmark one...

Slow but steady progress... front subframe done and refurbished steering box on...


The rear subframe was a bitch to do, even with the bush pulling tool... Still managed to get it all cleaned up and although the pics dont show it, i've pressed in all the new bushes for the frame, diff and trailing arms



Also managed to finish off the rear shocks. Ended up binning everything from the old ones, happy with how they're looking 



So that means i just need to finish the rear trailing arms and hubs / bearings to complete all the subframe and bushes part of this. 

In Parallel to this, in August 2017 i had been in contact with the owner of a lovely M5 who wanted to sell, but for various reasons we never made a deal... then i went to see it this weekend, and couldn't help myself and bought it. Not sure where that leaves the 535i sport, but i'm extremely excited to have a usable M5 in time for Spring and hopefully a jaunt on the route Napoleon in July. Here's the only pic i have, further updates once i've collected it.  


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@ Duncan, yes 3.6 on turbines (which i love the look of). Its seems to be a sound car, same owner for the last 9 years who's been diligent in caring for it from fixing failed SLS units to valve clearances. 

@ Blackman, Thanks!  i've put alot of effort into the sport, but my budget for the welding and body work has just been spent on the M5
. Deep down i'm more comfortable sinking money into an E34 that will hold its value better than a 535i sport. 

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Well collected it last night, possibly the worst evening of the year so far to collect a 300hp, non DSC, RWD car. -4 degrees in Eastbourne and pretty much all the way back home to London. 

First impressions are how stable the car is, at speed and round bends. The sound of the S38 is fantastic above 3.5k rpm although given the cold, i was driving very prudently. 

On the motor way its running a little cool, something that wasn't apparent on the test drive around local B roads, so i've ordered up a new thermostat to resolve.

I'll update with some pics once i've given her a clean

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And a few pics of it washed :) 

The M5 Badge on the boot needs putting in the correct place i've just noticed from the pics.






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