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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone


Just joined on here, looking for some help for an E39, and also to help where I can.

I currently own two E39's, a 1999 528i which is my daily driver with nearly 200,000 miles on the clock (runs like a dream!) and a newly acquired 535i which has a faulty gearbox.

My name is Duncan and I live in Kent. Do a lot of the work on my car myself, but I don't have a garage or a ramp so I'm limited with big jobs!

I have a laptop with INPA, DIS and Progman if anyone is in Kent and would like codes read for the older models (I've only used them on my E39's) - contact me...


Will be going through the topics in the forum before I post my issue - I might find the answer first!


Thanks for reading :)



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Hi Kokomo, welcome. Your car looks to be in very nice condition. Obviously looked after. A lot of members may have missed the answer to your problem, so don't worry about posting it again.

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Yes it could actually, I went through quite a few alloy wheels but the car had vibration at speed with all of them. Because I do a lot of driving I decided on the smoothest ride I could get, which was on the original turbines! Might try some more seeing as it's coming up to summer ...

No he's not painting a tree, thats a ninja turtle about to chop the tree down!! ... Sometimes I also refer to him as my son !

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