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1995 E34 540i6

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I tried to buy it back last year. Bought a private reg and organized a transporter to the guys house. Long story short he messed me about.

A few months later a guy contacted me off this forum to say the car had been repossessed scrapped. The engine and gearbox went to the eastern bloc and the rest of the car was crushed.


One of my biggest regrets for sure :-(

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What a waste of what was an awesome car, I really do truly regret selling this, if I could have held out a bit longer till I had my storage for it I’d still have it now! As I’ve a garage etc now


Gutted to hear it’s no longer around, always had a sneaky feeling I would end up with it again one day, myself and Richard put a lot of time into it, it was 80% there when I sold it it just needed some little bits doing to get it 100%


i thought these would have got to the point now where breaking them is pointless as there so rare even scabby non runners are going up in value!


What a waste eh....


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