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Swissvax leather milk

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Hi All


I have had to order some more swissvax leather milk as I have run out, on receiving the new bottle its says only use on nappa leather my previous bottle says nothing about only use on nappa leather. 


So I am double checking will it be ok to use on my Dakota leather I know technically it won't make a great difference to the life of the leather as its not the best leather but it leaves it looking great and smells lovely. 


Cheers in advance. 

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What would you use on a 2004 e60 black leather.

Condition is not bad but could defo use a feed


I've had good cleaning results leaving a nice matt finish using Dr Leather wipes.

As my original post if your leather is coated then all you would be doing is trying to feed the plastic coating. A good clean may produce the result you are looking for

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It is coated but like all leather is wears.

Tiny micro crack open up over time and its there where the condition will seep into.

Only use a bit, don't go mad

Nappa leather (full grain) has pores from factory with an anti scuff sort of protection.


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