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What Live in Here !

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The one you mention from Germany scared me a little.



The Vaico one ? Scared you how ?



Seems to be a large well known company



And looks like it might be made in Germany. I did some googling and there are some cheap Chinese ones that you should steer well clear of though !


The genuine BMW one I had fitted at 105k miles should be good for at least that long again, possibly even for the remaining life of the car. But if I had to replace again, it would either be the i6 repair kit or take a punt on a complete new Vaico unit, if it is German made.

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Am a little concerned because the ad is slightly confusing.  It refers to this "rebuilt kit" NOT rebuild kit SO am assuming it comes complete as per the ads photo,


I've emailed them to say that IF its a "rebuild kit" then I'm not interested and that their ad is misleading. IF its the complete thing then I'll go with that.


IF it turns out to be a VERY expensive REBUILD KIT then I'll return it an get the Valco one.


Time is an issue also so wanted one fairly quickly as its costing a fortune in fuel. (Use the car for business use).


Can't believe that something so simple can be such a pain in the ass !

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Do some research on Vaico first. It isn't a brand I have heard of before. The website looks good, but re-reading it, it does not say that all their parts are German made. Ask that vendor where the DISA valves are manufactured.


EDIT: found quite a few websites selling the Vaico DISA valve, and the feedback from purchasers is good.  Looks like C3BMW sell Vaico parts, although their website is undergoing maintenance so I can't check properly. They are a well regarded supplier of BMW parts, and they won't sell rubbish.

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OOOOOO  Bloody Hell !   The sage continues.


The el cheapo one arrived today and having struggled to get the old one off...el cheapo won't fit, despite what the BMW parts compatibility list said.


Seems they use SO many different part numbers that even THEY don't have a clue.


On the plus side, the one on the car sais part number 7502275, which although discontinued, has been replaced by 7544805, which as luck would have

it SHOULD be the one coming from the ad which I paid £129.99 for.


My existing one is ok APART from the fact that the flappy paddle wobbles slightly when in the horizontal position. The gasket that seats the whole thing

into the side of the engine is however, as flat as a pancake so it will be interesting to see the difference it all makes when the new one goes in, hopefully


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Yep.  But the repair only looks after the flappy paddle section, not the vacuum and at nearly 150k, logically its on its last legs.


ALSO BMW have confirmed that the one I have coming today is the new design, heck knows whats new about it mind you but

at least with the new design and all new bits....I should be good for another 150k....IF I last that long !


The repair would be good if it renewed EVERYTHING but it does not appear to do so.

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