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Heavy rain, Water leak

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On 9/18/2018 at 9:33 PM, 535i Andrew said:

You should be able to get a pair of mole grips onto that bolt head to extract it out.

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate all of your help. This thread saved me a great deal. 

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Has any one had both the rear carpets soaking wet from this? 


I've checked mine again wjhich i do fairly regularly and found both footwells soaked. Previously ive cleaned the yellow gromit and made a path for the water to escape under the bonnet earlier in the thread. The car has just come back form having all four doors repainted though and now both rear footwells are soaked. The fact its both is making me think its the door vapour barriers as the yellow gromit can only leak into the L/H side and the water would have to climb over the tunnel.


Just had a closer look and the water seems to be coming from between the door card and the door itself. I also put the hose on the windscreen and the drain on my gromit is free flowing and deffinately not blocked.

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In the process of fixing my yellow grommet, I broke my clamp holding the three water hoses. Bought a new one. 

Beware of this clamp. It could be brittle already and in the 6 cylinder cars, there is not much space to move. 





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