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E39 Extended Leather

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Welcome to the forum firstly!


Secondly, You'll need to provide more accurate info as the above is vague!


What do you mean by 'sorted'? do you want your seats, door cards and centre tunnel retrimmed with new learther? do you want to use colour dye on what you have currently? or do you want to restore the leather as best you can? 


I'd also suggest taking some good clear pictures of what you have now, where it's worn or any rips, tears etc and post them up. It's currently not possible to provide a figure/ballpark as the condition of what you have now isn't known


John - just trying to help out a little here! i know you're a busy man! hope you don't mind me responding here!


Cheers, Dennis!

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Hi Dennis

Sorry mate, for some reason im seeing some posts and not other?

really appreciated your response as there was a lack of response, even an acknowledgement of the post by me.


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