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Still toying with the idea of an E38

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I have a 530i E39, I've spent quite a bit getting it up to scratch but the E38 itch is still bugging me. Is anyone thinking of shifting on their (vgc) V8 or V12 E38 and potentially interested in an E39? This will probably be the last time I look...

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Was out scratching that itch last night. Was offered a swap for my 530d with 101k on it. The sound was incredible, heated seats sat nav, few issues I noticed sunroof didn't work, sat nav works but radio doesn't and felt a lump in it when idle. But my head has been a mess ever since wondering what to do, soooo smooth and the heated seats were amazing, and the noise was class. Only do 4k miles a year as have a work van so MPG doesn't bother me but I fear if I had the car I wouldn't be able to shift it on for decent money if I needed to go back to diesel.

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