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fault code 9af4 sfz

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Hi guys got this up on dis cleared it few times with inpa and dis but comes back took off ibs sensor it's comes back anyone know what needs changed or what to try looking for belt tensioners but can't seem to find them ?

It dose tell me battery below 12v on dis before I run dis battery was changed at 92k currently on 135k.

I read somewhere about a bst on battery can be faulty am stumped at the min.

(Fault on dis)》》

Resistance firing circuit belt tensioner driver too high ---- fault currently present circuit sensor B5677 61159 :-(

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I'm not too sure on the code. The warning you get when DIS starts is because the car isn't hooked up to an external power source. Try running an energy diagnostic report on battery level for last 5 days and see what battery level is at.


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