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730d f01 I year on 20,000 miles

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Just a quick update. Over the last year the car has been an awesome place to be. On a run you get 40mpg my average has been 36 with mostly motorway and country roads. It's goes well but it's like asking your mam to run down shops...

Ride, once the runflats are ditched it's awesome comfortable and quiet. If I was to order new I'd keep. Sunroof, comfort seats, soft close doors and the colours black leather and space grey...

I've used the DVD player twice, adaptive lights are a laugh lol and the original 5 digit post code a bit useless (now upgraded).

I bought it because it had all the kit of a 5 but felt like a better deal

5 people and kit not a problem :-)

It's left me down once which may have been my fault with a water problem with a relay.

Servicing was about £350 for 20,000 miles

Most prob lost 4k in a year in value.

It's now on 44k so loads of life in it and I don't see me selling it till 80k

Upgrades this year might be sport wheels but the reality is it looks right out of the box.

I would advise anyone to get one but with low mileage...

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Father bought one this year, the kit on it is madness. Its a great place to be.

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Useless bump. I'm back in a Beemer since my A8 packed up a few months ago.


Bought a 15 plate 730D with numerous toys last weekend. 700 miles or so done, not a bad drive, not as quick as I'd hope but It will do. Still on RFT I believe and I need to replace the windscreen after a stone won the battle earlier this week.


I was looking for one with Logic 7 or similar but this spec was good (Heads Up, Comfort etc), and the standard audio is OK. Need a bit more sub bass, so looking at how to do that (if at all).



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