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BM Ian

my wee 530i

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Well managed to get a good jump on making the box tonight, Started of with a very large sheet of 1/2 MDF

ive just to cut the hole for the sub to sit in, hole for the rear port & the wires then workout the mounting points on the rear bulkhead.

i'll then dismantle the box and apply tiger seal adhesive to all the faces of the wood/MDF then screw it all together



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got more done tonight ... just to bolt it in place, refit the rear seat and then get an amp  <_<  ... the one i had has gotten damp as is ruined  :(


tidied up the edges of the hole through the bulkhead



hole's cut, front panel attached to the box and test fitted



what you see in the boot



how it look's now




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this morning's progress .. all fitted, just need to source an amp and it'll be "Job Done"


dressed it up a little..



now you see it..



now you don't! ..



and from the rear ..


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not added much here lately .. all i can add is that in the past couple of months is that

i upgraded the DISA valve to the better alloy after market item

out with thee old


in with thee new


replaced the head light adjusters in my O/S head light


replaced both bonnet & boot emblems (& bought a touch up)


found these chrome effect nut covers in my car-parts hoard so added them to my wheel nut's


and applied a few coats of polish



ive also considered selling my 530i as i don't give it much use but then i kick myself and remind myself as to why i have it "sold my last 2 E39's in the past & regretted it within days"

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Looking great Ian.


My only suggestion would be to fit some wheel spacers on the front as the wheels look like their sat in the arch more compared to the rear.

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thanks Jay, ive thought about spacers but i like to play with the coil-overs and i'm to scared of catching something on full lock?

then again, that said :rolleyes:

 ive found that the height i have my car sat at just now does clear all speed bumps ive came across so maybe a subtle 15mm spacer could be an option. 



how it sit's just now


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WOW .. been over 2yrs since ive been on this forum!

think i should update my thread ;) 

in the past while i installed electric sport seat's, silver interior trims, sport S/wheel, individual kick plate's AC Schnitzer door mirrors, fitted LED lights to interior & exterior door handles22815162_1703656096332233_4610055928333718779_n.jpg.710dd93720fb933f4652c1553c295f2c.jpg22815171_1703656029665573_2428119610150707780_n.jpg.1cd881704606e872cac8306417a3f0a3.jpg16265208_1404024719628707_5004620800703627128_n.jpg.2e6d3b2d87f38ecb4131dcb4627acc2c.jpg

only pic i have with the AC mirrors fitted




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