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AJS Tyres, Surrey

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Just thought i'd give these guys a mention. I needed a couple of winter tyres in a rare-ish size (215/65/16) fairly quick, and online searches of the usual suspects (etyres/Camskill/event/blackcircles) elicited ok-ish pricing, but delivery well into the following week.


Then re-did a search with my home town and this one showed up - very local to me:


I was able to order online on a Saturday, with fitting promised for Monday - all at a very reasonable fitted price. I couldn't quite believe it, so called them up and they confirmed it would be fine. Went ahead with the order - no payment up front. Got email/SMS notification immediately, then on Monday morning, SMS to tell me tyres had arrived.


I went along and had two guys swapping over wheels and refitting tyres. They even asked me what pressures I had on them, after trying to find the recommendation in the handbook. that's amazing - I barely think most places do more than fill up with air till they think it's hard enough....

I'd certainly use them again next time - much prefer to spend my hard-earned with a local business who treats their customers with respect.


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