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E61 Rear wiring harness repair (coax + water hose) guide

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OK, I had success repairing the water hose, coax and demister cable this week. As I haven't seen anyone else doing a repair to the coax I thought I'd make a how to guide which I've attached. Thanks again to all for the help, I wouldn't even have managed to get the trim off without others previous attempts! laughing.gif

BMW E61 Tailgate Wiring Repair.pdf

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Thanks guys. Yeah 50 ohm.

After buying some spare smb connectors and realising they're too small to fit the BMW repair coax cable, I'm really not sure why size it is. The smb connectors I bought fit perfectly on the coax which was in the car from the factory, so can only presume the repair cable is a funny size. The connectors from BMW fit that thicker cable so they obviously knew the cable is slightly thicker. I've ordered some standard RG174 from maplin so I'll see how that stacks up.

Just noticed today that my high level brake light is flickering, so will need to check the wiring on the other side now. :-(

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