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11 minutes ago, Steve540 said:

Did u sell TUI 540 reg?

You made some job of that car

Im from Ni not too far from will and have bought alot of him


 We still have the TUI 540 reg on another E34  But will soon be going on another E34 540 soon


On 09/12/2017 at 12:15 AM, Blackman said:

Love the look of those 17" staggered style 16's....They are so simple, but perfect for an E34.


 I also love the clean look of the 16's It's the wheel for the 540's .. I like the fact  that most E34 owners are not keen on them.  

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Update 2/1/18


TBL's new service booklet has arrived from Cooper BMW recently  after doing a tour of two BMW dealerships down Essex/Kent

It's always been a pain for my OCD :ph34r: That TBL never had her own service history book.


BMW Cooper were very helpful with ordering and sorting out the dates etc, also sending the booklet to get the other dealer stamps . 




















So back to TBL ... She is still nice and warm waiting for the bodywork to start.   


Comments Welcome 




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30 minutes ago, greenelekta said:

Was that expensive/hard to get organised Carl?


Hi Dave,

  I was very lucky, most dealers are not very helpful ...  But the parts manger at Coopers was great with confirming the dates etc and the stamps.

    I first contacted BMW UK by email asking about their history files on BK35093 Which BMW UK supplied the next working day ...

So following the email, i contacted the original dealership, Which was located in Worcester with no joy ... So went to the next dealer Coopers.

 The cost was just the price of the service booklet which was around £24.00 and BMW Coopers did the rest really. 


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