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On 2017-3-28 at 11:27 AM, greenelekta said:

Cant believe its the same car, great job!


Thanks :) But there is not much left of the original TBL :lol: 


Update 30/3/17




So the original 3.64 LSD went AWOL during December 2015 This was removed and replaced by the LSD from our old 540.




Back to the future and 15 months later ... It was time to refit our reconditioned 3.64 LSD :wub:




There is something nice about laying on your back watching the LSD going back home but not the part where the bloody

thing falls on your hand :blink: ( The LSD was sorted by Centre Axle Services Birmingham)






So with the 3.64 LSD in mind ... We have also fitted another of the missing interior options into TBL the interior package net.

This should keep all our maps and sweets safe :lol:    






Comments welcome Carl


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Update 4/4/17


It's been nearly two years since TBL's underside was inspected and cleaned/painted so it's time to start again.

We spotted some lose paint just above the differential while exchanging diff's last week ... So we started there !




We also painted the differential carrier as well which improves the look of the underbody no end.




So during the next week or so we should have the underbody checked cleaned and painted.


Comments welcome :D

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 Mini update.


 The interior in TBL came from our previous 540 auto which is very nice Buffalo Leather ... So being as TBL is a manual   I've had to use a standard leather gear gaiter  ... Which has been no good for my OCD. I did  ask my friendly BMW dealer about ordering a Buffalo Leather item but was told NLA so the hunt was on for this missing trim part ... well two years later I've found a

BMW Buffalo gaiter in the motherland !!




 So my OCD is now fine  ... and TBL has full Buffalo Leather too.


Comments welcome :D


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Unexpected update 15/4/17





Well on the way home last Monday night ... Chilling to Franks Sinatra.  My peace was taken away by a sudden large banging from the rear ... Ooops bugger as we pulled into the bus stop we  had a quick look (it was nearly 9pm) Stefan said "looks like the front differential mounting bolts came lose "bugger" at which point the friendly bus driver goes  past with his words of wisdom ...

Do you know this is a bus stop ? umm yes i do !


So a call to the break down service and TBL was waiting for her collection she had much attention from the local Polish lads  




When we found time to get TBL on axle stands it became clear the bolt had not came lose ... but had snapped off ... Bugger.






So ordered the new bolt from BMW and removed the Differential carrier from our old 540's LSD The next day, the carrier was changed over and TBL was sorted again ! 

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Update 2/6/17




 It's been two years since the last underbody clean/repaint etc , So with this in mind . We decided to drop the axle assembly leaving the underbody clear of obstacles Which should make a better job of cleaning/removing rust and repainting.


 While the axle assembly is on the ground  we will renew all mounting/trailing arm bushes and repaint the axle assembly.

  The rear anti roll bars will also have new Powerflex 19 mm black bushes. So with Hammerite at the ready ...


                   BMW parts ordered

                  Rubber mounting (rear) B33.

                 Bolt (mounting bolt) B07.11.9.914.678

                 Trailing arm x 2 B33.

                      Trailing arm x 2 B33. 

                   Lemforder rear links x 2

                           Powerflex black front beam mountings    

                             Powerflex black rear anti roll bar 19mm bushes     
















Old Bushes,,




Spare axle carrier that has been cleaned down..








Spare axle carrier painted..








More updates coming if and when parts arrive from BMW .... comments welcome :D



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Well , The parts have landed from the fatherland :) So nearly ready to start putting TBL back together ...












Comments welcome as always 


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On 2017-6-8 at 6:50 PM, boiliebasher said:

Rear axle rebuild is definitely on the "to do" list for my 540i, so good effort Carl, keep up the good work. Looks like its another going to be another job well done on the TBL B)


 Thanks Mate :)


                                                                                 Update 13/6/17


 The underbody clean/derust is complete ... We also drilled a hole in the double skinned area above the differential

  and sprayed with rustproofing oil. Which is another good job done.








 The old fuel filters were being held by cable ties to the bodywork This cowboy repair has now been repaired with the

  correct fixing point/holder :) The fuel filters were only 10 years old,, so using the ones taken from the original 540i far newer and better brand. 





 Comments Welcome :lol: 




Edited by Carl-e34

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Update 7/7/17




We have renewed the bushes in the trailing arms ...

Which was not really that bad ( Thanks for lending the tool Adam (Idiot) The bushes were Ummm slightly worn  :D




While stripped down the arms were cleaned and painted ready for refitment.






I've noticed the seam sealer around the inner arche had started to flake/split so this has also been repaired while the trailing arms are off 

So E34ers check those inner rear arches for lifting sealer before the dreaded rust/rot gets hold :ph34r:    




Comments Welcome :D

Edited by Carl-e34

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TBL is finally finished after her mini restore on the rear end :) I'm happy to report ... TBL is driving much better with the new mounts/bushers.

The Flat Star alloys are next on the hit list ... Time to get those restored and two new toyo proxe's T1's for the rear 9J's.












Comments Welcome :D


Edited by Carl-e34

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On 09/07/2017 at 11:27 AM, Blackman said:

540i with a 6 speed and an LSD must be madness. Would love one myself :D


Amazing work on the car - patience, hard work and a lot of cash!


Thanks mate.. Shes sure is fun :D 


On 09/07/2017 at 1:09 PM, boiliebasher said:

Nice one! Looks all new and shiney under there! Keep up the good work! B)


Thanks mate :D 


On 09/07/2017 at 4:33 PM, greenelekta said:

Very nice work Carl, looking good!


 Thank mate :D




Another years M.O.T :wub:


Update  : 15/07/2017


I've been buying the odd engine sensor etc between doing the rear suspension ...  So the next on the engine hit list were the coil connectors :)

  These are around £118.00 for the 8 items from BMW  ...  which are BREMI items marked with the BMW roundel ... ummm :ph34r:

So, I shopped around and found BREMI connectors at a more pleasing price ... £104.00 for 14 BREMI connectors ...




 While removing the old connectors none of them had any sort of resistance  or suction noise on removel ... Which is a sign of their failure.

  They looked and felt way past their best ... So another job done.   






Comments Welcome :D 



Edited by Carl-e34

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On 15/07/2017 at 6:43 AM, adam73bgt said:

Nice work on that rear axle refurb, something I'm contemplating having to do soon with my touring when I swap from a 520i to 525i rear end B)



It's well worth  the effort :D


 Update : 8/11/17




Tea Bag Lady is currently hibernating for the winter period .. :wink:..  While waiting for some paint work.


Comments Welcome :D 


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So with TBL relaxing somewhere in West Bromwich waiting for her paint work holiday to start ... I've had some spare time :ph34r:

  I know from one of her former owners ...  No not Will :lol:  That TBL did have loads of paper work and service history receipts ....

Sadly these never came with TBL  ... So the only option was contacting BMW GB :rolleyes: Which was done ...

 The result is below ...  I'm surprised by the number of BMW holidays :lol:
Date of Visit   Dealer
27/08/2004     Cooper Tonbridge
24/05/2004     Cooper Tonbridge
09/01/2004     Cooper Tonbridge
06/01/2004     Cooper Tonbridge
29/12/2003     Cooper Tonbridge
25/09/2003     Listers Kings Lynn
27/08/2003     Cooper Tonbridge
20/08/2003     Cooper Tonbridge
09/01/2003     Cooper Tonbridge
27/09/2002     Cooper Tonbridge
20/09/2002     Cooper Tonbridge
15/05/2002     Cooper Tonbridge
08/05/2002     Cooper Tonbridge
27/12/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
14/11/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
26/10/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
30/04/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
21/02/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
11/01/2001     Cooper Tonbridge
14/12/2000     Listers Kings Lynn
15/03/2000     Cooper Tonbridge
15/03/2000     16304 Vines (S)
11/12/1998     16355 R Stern
 09/12/1998     16355 R Stern
 08/11/1998     14123 Rydale N
12/10/1998     16355 R Stern
22/09/1998     16355 R Stern
17/08/1998     16355 R Stern
14/08/1998     16355 R Stern
20/05/1998     14123 Rydale N
03/04/1998     16355 R Stern
06/03/1998     16355 R Stern
20/02/1998     16355 R Stern
12/02/1998     16355 R Stern
02/02/1998     16355 R Stern
23/12/1997     16355 R Stern
 23/10/1997     16355 R Stern
13/10/1997     16355 R Stern
14/07/1997     16355 R Stern
20/03/1997     16355 R Stern
14/03/1997     14123 Rydale N
27/02/1997     16355 R Stern
16/01/1997     16355 R Stern
02/11/1996     14123 Rydale N
30/09/1996     16355 R Stern
29/07/1996     16355 R Stern
29/03/1996     16355 R Stern
28/02/1996     14123 Rydale N
 08/01/1996     16355 R Stern
06/11/1995     16355 R Stern

 Sadly most of the above dealers are long gone or i would have made a new service book.


                                                            Comments are always welcome ...


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Update 8/12/17


This is more for my OCD :P  But i'm now awaiting  TBL's new service history booklet from BMW Cooper Tonbridge 

I must admit their customer service and help has been first class ! 


So like a child at Christmas ... I'm waiting for something to unwrap :D

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