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E39 slip ring.

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So I have a prefacelift with the original 4 spoke wheel. I just bought the 3 spoke m tech wheel off a Facebook site. I went to fit it tonight and it won't fit and does not have a slip ring. The wheel I have now seems to have a different shape slip ring. Does anyone have one they can sell cheap? I contacted the seller and they don't have it to send so at the min it's just a paper weight.

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The slip ring for the wheel you're trying to fit (3 spoke) is a completely different design & is mounted onto the steering column, not the wheel.


To fit the later wheel to an earlier car, you either have to fit the later column, or modify the wheel so it will accept an early slip ring, (like the one on your 4 spoke wheel).


Also, remember that the later wheel is dual stage (it has two airbags -v- one airbag on the earlier cars).


So you have to modify the wiring too. 

(The detonator that takes the yellow plug on the later wheel will work with an early car's airbag system.  The black plug won't & will activates the airbag warning light on the dash).

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^ ^ You can't modify the slip-ring, you have to modify the wheel.  


The hole for the wires etc. needs to be enlarged & some of the meat around the hub taking off.

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