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What have you done in your e12 Today, or yesterday, maybe last week.. month?

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45 minutes ago, duncan-uk said:

So Ja - with a gun to your head - which do you choose - e28, e12 or e3? 8)

You forgot about my E39

Easy: E28 for out and out hooligan factor

          E12 for rarity and value

          E3 should they need me in the next episode of Heartbeat:unsure:

One day all will be gone except the E28........never going to part with it, and it's worth the least:rolleyes:


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Laid underneath it and made the decision to pull the rear beam to have it powdercoated


then decided I will just change the fuel pipes as I originally decided to do


then changed my mind and decided to pull it all apart


then my tea was ready so I went inside and bought a bag of shiny nuts and bolts from W&N


currently looks like this


ill make my mind up another day!









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