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Alpina V8 4.6

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So having done the paintwork  couple of months ago, next sort out was braking system.

As the MoT was due end June, the decision was made to sort it all out then, hence new discs/pads front and rear, renew handbrake shoes and rebuild (29% now), replace sticking front calliper and remove old and replace all brake pipes as car now 17 years old, renew two ageing rear tyres, (starting to crack) plus now have the MoT pass with no advisories.

Rather a heavy hit re costs but its a rapid car and must be spot on.:(

So that is a major safety improvement and all ok for another year - looked at the old discs etc and they showed heat and wear at 150k miles and been on for about six years !!

minor rust spot on floor and washer pump playing up, so last bit of activity next month

Alpina's can hammer the pension but its too quick to not maintain 100%.


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